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The best way to contact us as we busily bring our new company's products to market is via email. Choose one of the contact persons below and e-mail them directly. They will respond promptly. We are setting up a special telephone line for our customers that will be operating shortly. Until then, if you wish to be contacted by telephone, include your number, and you will be contacted directly in that manner.

Sales -
For quotations on complete systems, individual loudspeaker components, crossovers, or custom-built enclosures, contact any of the following:

    •  Jim Dickinson - President
    •  Steve Burger - Marketing Director

Technical Support -
  For application and use information for our products, contact:

    •  Jim Dickinson
    •  Steve Burger

Our Mailing Address -

   Iconic Manufacturing Company
   1310 Broadway,Suite 2C
   Bellingham,Washington   98225

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