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    The people who make up what is known as the Iconic Manufacturing Company are a group of audio professionals who have banded together to form a company that makes the finest loudspeaker systems and components for audio enthusiasts and sound professionals the world over.

Our Mission Is Simple:
To couple the traditions of the great western loudspeaker companies with today's latest technological advancements into a symbiotik relationship that results in audio reproduction that is unsurpassed.

  Our President is Jim Dickinson , long-time professional engineering sound contractor,consultant, loudspeaker designer, and audio enthusiast. Jim's father was a true pioneer in the audio industry who began his career by purchasing a sound contracting business in the Pacific Northwest in 1937. Jim began working in the family audio business in the late 1950's, and has earned worldwide recognition for his knowledge of classic West Coast sound products. There is no person better suited to answering questions of how to get the best performance out of vintage products or to determine which of our new Iconic products will best serve the needs of our customers.

  Our Comptroller is Michael Jordan, Michael has been the operator of a successful professional sound installation company based in California for many years. His background and length of experience is similar to Jim's. He also grew up in a family-based professional sound contractor business. He brings to the Iconic Manufacturing Company a balance of knowledge of engineered sound systems and business acumen.

   Our Marketing Director is Steve Burger , Steve comes to us with a long history of buying and selling classic audio equipment. His ability to find the right item for his customers is exceptional. In addition to his duties at Iconic Manufacturing Company, Steve is a licensed counselor and human services professional, theduties of which serve him well in the customer relations field.

   We are proud to say that all of our finished components are built in the U.S.A. to our exacting specifications by a company that has earned a worldwide reputation for its exacting quality and level of service.

   Our goal is to bring to the marketplace outstanding audio products that will bring a lifetime of enjoyment to all who use them.  The purchase of Iconic loudspeakers is not merely a purchase - it's an investment! The dividends of such an investment brings are an increased love of music, as well as the added beauty and touch of class to every home where our products are found.

    If you are a discerning listener who can only be satisfied with the very best, then the only real option for you is a system from ICONIC Mfg. Co

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