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A New Dimension In Listening Fidelity
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    Often, audiophiles have had to be content with large, bulky, and just plain ugly speakers that dominate their living rooms in order to get the BIG sound they know they ought to be hearing from their stereo system.  They realize that a "good" big speaker sounds far better than the "BEST" little speaker they can buy, so they grit their teeth and enjoy the music from their large speakers, knowing that, while they may have sacrificed the beauty of their living room, they have not sacrificed the audio quality of their system.

    Iconic Manufacturing Company is pleased to announce that they have a solution to this dilemma: THE STONEHENGE SERIES of loudspeaker systems!

    Designed to deliver the overwhelming realism and performance that only a true, full-size model can produce, Iconic's StonehengeLoudspeaker Systems occupy about the same amount of floor space as do many of the smaller, inferior sounding systems being offered at similar prices by other companies. Named after their resemblance to the famous Stonehenge of England, these small-footprint enclosures are designed to minimize floor space use while maximizing performance. They truly are the perfect answer to today's smaller living environments and increased demand for precision sound reproduction in home theatres and audiophile systems.  Currently, Iconic offers two different models in the Stonehenge series. Other models will added as they are developed.


704-8A Picture
    The heart of the Stonehenge Models III and V is the fabulous Iconic Model704-8A
Compound Loudspeaker. Designed to provide unsurpassed reproduction of the audio spectrum over a wide frequency range with extremely high efficiency, the Iconic Model 704-8A is one of the finest point-source loudspeakers available anywhere at any price.

    One of the most impressive aspects of modern digital sound
recordings is the low frequency content found in them. In order to attempt to reproduce these sounds, most “digital ready” loudspeakers incorporate large heavy voice coils, inarticulate suspension systems, and cones that weigh far too much to be able to reproduce the middle of the audio spectrum accurately. They also require huge amounts of amplifier power in order to operate.

    In addition, most of these designs incorporate voice coils that “overhang” outside of the magnetic field. This method of construction results in a significant loss of control of cone movement, which reduces the ability of the loudspeaker to articulate sounds accurately.

    The Iconic Model 704-8A Compound Loudspeaker doesn't resort to such techniques in order to be able to respond to the demands of digital music and sound effects. It has a lightweight cone, high-compliance suspension, and the low-frequency voice coil remains in the magnetic gap at all times. Coupled with a massive FerriteV motor structure, these features allow the Model 704-8A to have tighter bass, cleaner sound, and more accurate low-frequency sound reproduction than virtually any other system of its type available today.

Iconic Stonehenge Loudspeaker System is fitted with a custom designed passive crossover that is optimized for that system. Constructed using the highest quality component parts available today, these crossovers perform so well that they actually eliminate the need for an elaborate active crossover network and multiple channels of amplification.


Iconic Stonehenge V Cabinet        The enclosures for each of the Iconic
Loudspeaker Systems are, in a  
   word, beautiful. Handcrafted to order, the
   enclosures are available in a variety of woods,
   colors, and finishes to match any decor.

       All of our enclosures are manufactured to strict tolerances and are extensively braced internally to prevent resonances that would Stonehenge V Connector Cup otherwise color the sound. Every joint is glued and screwed together and the entire enclosure is sealed from the inside to prevent air leaks from degrading the performance of the loudspeaker system. The interior is also properly damped to prevent unwanted resonances.


    The combination of a superior loudspeaker, a crossover constructed using premium components, and a hand-crafted enclosure that will add grace and elegance to any decor results in loudspeaker systems that do not "color" or alter the sound - what you put in is what you get out of them - and they do so without offending the eye.

    Pure and simple. 


    The Stonehenge Model I - This system (still in development) will consist of a new 12" compound loudspeaker, a custom crossover, and a hand-crafted 3.6 cubic foot enclosure (interior volume).

    The Stonehenge Model III - This system consists of a Iconic's new 16"compound loudspeaker, the 704-8A, a custom crossover, and a hand-crafted 6 cubic foot enclosure (interior volume), which gives it excellent frequency response down to 50 Hz.  This is an excellent choice for smaller living environments, and systems that employ subwoofers.

    The Stonehenge Model V - Our premium system, and the one that has proven to be the most popular. This system consists of a Iconic's new 16" compound loudspeaker, the 704-8A, a custom crossover, and a hand-crafted 9 cubic foot enclosure (interior volume), which gives it excellent frequency response down to 30 Hz.  This is an excellent choice where full-range, point-source sound reproduction are desired.


    We invite you to contact one of our sales team for more information, should you require it. Just click on the link above to go to our Contact Page.

For The Finest In Sound - Today and Tomorrow - Choose An Iconic HomeLoudspeaker System!

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