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Iconic 165-G Series
Iconic's line of low frequency loudspeakers represent the finest in the art of loudspeaker design and manufacture. No matter what your application, from home audio to professional sound reinforcement systems of the highest quality, there is an Iconic low frequency loudspeaker to fit your exact needs.

Available by themselves or in a number of complete systems,
Iconic's low frequency loudspeakers are unsurpassed in their ability to reproduce your audio material faithfully and with a realism and naturalness that cannot be found elsewhere.

Please use our Low-Frequency Speaker Selection Guide below to help you choose which Iconic loudspeaker would be the best choice for your system or project. Should you need further advice or information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us for additional help!


   This simple guide will help you as you search for the Iconic low-frequency loudspeaker that best suits your needs. All you have to do is click on the link that comes closest in describing your application, and you will be taken to a page that describes the speakers we build for that particular purpose.

    Should you not find what you need, or if you are not sure which Iconic low-frequency loudspeaker is right for you, you might wish to look at the page that contains a listing of all of the low-frequency loudspeakers we build.

Click On The Link Below To Go To The Page That Best Describes The Type Of LF Loudspeaker You Are Looking For -

          Bass Horn Drivers LF Loudspeakers
- Click here if you are looking for LF speakers that mount in bass horns. Recommended if you're looking for the most transparent and efficient type of system available.  

          Hi-Fidelity Direct-Radiator Type LF Loudspeakers
- Click here if you are looking for audiophile-quality LF speakers that mount flat, rather than in a bass horn. This would  include most home theatre applications.

          Musical Instrument LF Loudspeakers
- Click here if you are looking for LF speakers for use in musical PA systems or for use with musical instruments, such as guitars. 

    We invite you to contact one of our sales team for more information, should you require it.
Just click on the link above to go to our Contact Page.

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