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Realizing the need for high-quality passive crossovers of proper design, Iconic Manufacturing Company now offers an ever-expanding line of professionally engineered, meticulously crafted crossovers for new and aftermarket use in critical listening environments.

Whether you own an existing loudspeaker system that needs an upgraded version of it's original crossover or a totally new
SUPERCrossover , Iconic's premium passive crossovers are the product of choice for your needs.

Click On The Links Below To Download PDF Files About The   
Crossovers We Offer For Various Loudspeaker Products.
(Some links may not work yet - they will when the crossover becomes commercially available.)

          Crossover Upgrade Model For Altec Model 17
          SUPERCrossover For Altec Model 17
          Crossover Upgrade Model For Altec Model 19
          SUPERCrossover For Altec Model 19
          SUPERCrossover For Altec Model 604E
          SUPERCrossover For Altec Model 604-8G
          SUPERCrossover For Altec Model 604-8H
          Crossover Upgrade Model For Altec 604-8K
          SUPERCrossover For Altec Model 604-8K


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