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Iconic Model 704-8A      The Iconic Model 704-8A
is a two-way loudspeaker that is designed to provide unsurpassed reproduction of the audio spectrum over a wide frequency range with extremely high efficiency. When coupled with our exclusive SuperCrossover™ and installed in an appropriate enclosure, the Iconic Model 704-8A Compound Loudspeaker System is a totally natural-sounding loudspeaker that exhibits absolutely accurate phasing and stereo imaging across the entire spectrum of human hearing.

      True “Point-Source” Reproduction -

            The Iconic
Model 704-8A is actually two loudspeakers in one, consisting of an extremely efficient low-frequency loudspeaker and a high-frequency compression driver/horn assembly that are mounted together coaxially. This compound magnet construction technique is what makes the Model 704-8A so special - because both the low and high frequency sounds of this loudspeaker system originate from the same vertical AND horizontal planes, unsurpassed accuracy of reproduction and stereo imaging are attained. 

        You can HEAR the difference!

Excellent Low-Frequency Reproduction -

            One of the most impressive aspects of modern digital sound recordings is the low frequency content found in them. In order to attempt to reproduce these sounds, most “digital ready” loudspeakers incorporate large heavy voice coils, inarticulate suspension systems, and cones that weigh far too much to be able to reproduce the middle of the audio spectrum accurately. They also require huge amounts of amplifier power to operate. In addition, most of these designs incorporate voice coils that “overhang” outside of the magnetic field. This method of construction results in a significant loss of control of cone movement, which reduces the ability of the loudspeaker to articulate sounds accurately.

            The Iconic
Model 704-8A Compound Loudspeaker System doesn’t resort to such techniques in order to be able to respond to the demands of digital music and sound effects. The Model 704-8A has a lightweight cone, high-compliance suspension, and the low-frequency voice coil remains in the magnetic gap at all times. Coupled with a massive FerriteV magnetic structure, these features allow the Model 704-8A to have tighter bass, cleaner sound, and more accurate low-frequency sound reproduction than virtually any other two-way system available today.

      Superior High-Frequency Reproduction -

            At the heart of the high-frequency section of the
Model 704-8A is the diaphragm/voice coil assembly. If a loudspeaker designer fails in this portion of his work, all the rest will be for naught. At a time when many manufacturers claim to have reinvented the proverbial wheel when it comes to reproducing the upper frequencies, Iconic has chosen a different path, incorporating only the finest, time-tested materials and manufacturing methods in the construction of the Model 704-8A's high-frequency section. This includes: (1) an all-metal aluminum dome structure; (2) a tangential compliance; and (3) a voice coil of 1 3/4-inch edgewound aluminum ribbon. These features assure superior sound reproduction of the frequencies above crossover in the Model 704-8A .

            Getting the sounds generated by the diaphragm to the listener in proper phase alignment is also crucial, and is another area where most manufacturers fail miserably. The Iconic
Model 704-8A incorporates a Tangerine radial phasing system, which ensures maximum high frequency reproduction while maintaining proper phasing and smooth overall response to beyond 20 kHz.

            When in operation, the sound waves leave the high-frequency diaphragm, pass through the Tangerine
radial phasing system, then enter an exponential throat that conducts these properly phased high-frequencies through the center of the low-frequency pole piece and into the small MANTARAY horn. Many horn designs have a tendency to narrow their dispersion patterns as the pitch goes up. The MANTARAY design, on the other hand, delivers the same dispersion pattern throughout the loudspeaker’s frequency range. The resultant benefit to the listener is a startling, almost three-dimensional stereo image with excellent latitude in seating position.

Outstanding Features Of The Model 704-8A Include -

    * All -metal aluminum dome and tangential compliance for clean, crisp, articulate high frequency reproduction throughout the upper limits of human hearing.
    * TANGERINE radial phasing system for accurate transfer of all of the sounds emanating off of the dome into the throat of the horn section.
    * Our exclusive MANTARAY horn, which assures controlled dispersion of the high frequency energy - no more beaming or lobing!
     * A lightweight low-frequency cone with a high-compliance suspension, for accurate bass reproduction.
     * A massive FerriteV motor structure, which is actually two separate magnetic assemblies that have operate independently of each other for maximum efficiency.
     * Startling,almost three-dimensional stereo image with excellent latitude in seating position.
     * Uniform,peak-free reproduction throughout the range of human hearing.
    * The ideal loudspeaker system of choice where natural, uncolored sound reproduction is required.

    Equally comfortable in six or nine cubic foot enclosures, several types of which are available from us ,the Iconic Model 704-8A Compound Loudspeaker System may be ordered with a passive dividing network, of which two types are available. The standard crossover is constructed of materials of the highest quality, and our exclusive SUPERCrossover™, which offers further refinements, and is the ultimate passive network for the Model 704-8A.
    Working together in a symbiotic relationship, the low-frequency section, the high-frequency diaphragm, the Tangerine
radial phasing system, the small MANTARAY high-frequency horn and the powerful FerriteV magnetic assemblies are capable of generating uniform, peak-free reproduction throughout the range of human hearing, making them ideal as the loudspeaker system of choice where natural, uncolored sound reproduction are required.

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