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Iconic 165-G Series
    Iconic Manufacturing Company proudly offers one of the most efficient low frequency loudspeakers built anywhere by any company at any time, the Iconic Model 165–G Series Bass Horn Driver Loudspeaker. Designed to provide unsurpassed performance in low frequency horn and vented horn enclosures, the Iconic Model 165–G Series Bass Horn Driver Loudspeaker is  the loudspeaker of choice where superb clarity, natural sound quality, high efficiency, and excellent frequency response are a necessity.


        It has long been established that horns provide the most efficient transfer of acoustic energy to the air. In addition, a properly designed horn-type loudspeaker exhibits lower distortion, greater linearity, and more natural sounding reproduction than do other types of loudspeaker systems.

        Across the audible range of human hearing, the advantages of using high and low frequency horns in sound reproduction are both well recognized and desired by discerning listeners everywhere. Low frequency (bass) horns are especially effective in venues where the acoustic energy must be directed away from hard reflective surfaces, such as walls and ceilings. They also enable the sound system into which they are incorporated to reproduce the dynamics of any given program material with stunning realism.

        In order for systems that do not incorporate bass horns in their design to reach the farthest seats in a large facility with sufficient low frequency energy, it is necessary to increase their acoustic output. The result is that, while they may sound fine in the back rows, this type of compromised low frequency system nearly deafens those who are unfortunate enough to have to sit near them.

        Not so with a properly designed and installed system that uses bass horns! Bass horns reproduce the program material so accurately and effortlessly that everyone in the room can hear even the slightest nuances of the audio without the long term listening fatigue associated with other types of systems. In fact, the frequency response and dynamic levels available from a properly designed and installed bass horn system are so uniform that they literally draw the listeners into the program material, rather than merely throw it at them. When directivity, accuracy, clarity, and naturalness of reproduction are required, bass horns are the low frequency systems of choice for discriminating listeners, designers, installers, and performers alike.


        The design and resultant performance of the Iconic Model 165–G Series came as the result of years of in-depth research into the behavioral characteristics of bass horns by a team comprised of the finest loudspeaker engineers in the industry. Although many loudspeakers of various types had been used in bass horns since they were first invented over seventy years ago, it was found that there was not a single loudspeaker available that was specifically designed to be used in them. Instead, customers had to make do with low frequency loudspeakers that were more of the “general purpose” type, rather than having ones that were optimized for use in a low frequency horn.

        The Iconic Model 165–8G, Model 165-16G, and Model 165-8GHP Bass Horn Drivers changed all that. Building upon proven manufacturing
techniques and materials, the design team created an essentially all-new low frequency loudspeaker that is optimized specifically for the bass horn.

    * DIGITAL READY? OF COURSE! -           

        One of the most impressive aspects of modern digital sound
recordings is the low frequency content found in them. In order to attempt to reproduce these sounds, most “digital ready” loudspeakers incorporate large heavy voice coils, inarticulate suspension systems, and cones that weigh far too much to be able to reproduce the middle of the audio spectrum accurately. They also require huge amounts of amplifier power to operate. In addition, most of these designs incorporate voice coils that “overhang” outside of the magnetic field. This method of construction results in a significant loss of control of cone movement, which reduces the ability of the loudspeaker to articulate sounds accurately

        The Iconic Model 165–8G Bass Horn Driver doesn’t resort to such techniques in order to be able to respond to the demands of digital music and sound effects. The Model 165-G Series speakers have a lightweight cone, high-compliance suspension, and the low-frequency voice coil remains in the magnetic gap at all times. When used in a properly designed bass horn, these features allow them to have tighter bass, cleaner sound, and more accurate low-frequency sound reproduction than virtually any other system on the market today.

        Constructed using a massive 132-ounce FerriteV magnet that provides 15,500 gauss of flux density, an edgewound aluminum flatwire voice coil, a light cone assembly, and a low distortion cloth suspension, the Model 165–G Series are low frequency loudspeakers that exhibit extended bass response, extremely high linearity, and amazing efficiency. Quite literally, there is nothing like them available anywhere, at any price.

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